Julian Assange’s Soul Contract with the world

Julian Assange was born in 1971, his mother Christine was alone. About a year later she married Brett Assange who gave young Julian his last name. In 1979 his mother remarried, shortly thereafter had another son and not much later left that husband and lived in hiding with her boys for 5 years. According to Assange they were hiding from a cult. This turbulent childhood saw young Julian studying at as many as 37 schools with home-schooling between them.

By age 16 Julian was one of the “International Subversives” a group of young hackers who accessed computer files from all over the world via modem. He wrote the first rules of the hacker subculture. They were:

1. Don’t damage computer systems you break into.
2. Don’t change the information in those systems, other than altering logs to cover your tracks.
3. Share information.

In 1992 he was convicted of hacking and had to pay a fine. The prosecutor said there was no evidence of anything other than intelligent inquisitiveness and the pleasure of being able to surf through these various computers.

In 1993 he was part of the group that started one of the first Internet Service Providers in Australia.

In college he studied Physics, Math, Philosophy and Neuroscience.

In 2006 he founded Wikileaks with the stated purpose of helping to replace secretive tyrannies with open and communicative governances. The 2007 Kenyan elections saw the ouster of every politician named in corruption documents released by Wikileaks for 20 days prior to the elections. Recently Wikileaks released documents showing that British Petroleum has a history of mis-managed wells and explosions.

Assange is a self-described scrapper who sees his role as nurturing victims by policing aggressors.

In 2009 Amnesty International gave Julian and Wikileaks a media award for their publication of “The Cry of Blood: Extra-Judicial Killings and Disappearances.”

In 2010 Julian received the Sam Adams Award from the Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence. This is a group of retired CIA operatives who give the award, annually, to any intelligence professional who has taken a stand for integrity and ethics. He was voted the award unanimously.

Some believe he is a loose cannon. Others see him as a modern day Robin Hood of information. Whatever your feelings regarding Julian Assange there’s no denying that he has changed the world irrevocably.

So, what is this man’s Soul Contract with the world?

Clearly he was born with a strong sense of right and wrong and a need to fight for what he sees as right. His youth prepared him to stand up for others and for himself, and his fights over the years have given him far greater self-confidence than most.

Julian is setting an example in his response to the rape charge leveled against him. He is cooperating with the law and with investigations while aggressively maintaining his legal protections and he has told the world that these charges are unfounded and politically motivated. He is showing himself to be a fighter and to have passion for diligent and open due process.

His history indicates that he is always curious and willing to do whatever it takes to get his questions answered. It also shows that he is not afraid of blatantly breaking a law that he disagrees with. Nor is he afraid of the consequences.

This slight built intensely focused man sees a world that is mired in secrecy, tyranny and lies all in the name of money, power or both; and he is determined to turn that around. Through his skills, connections and sheer chutzpah he has affected national election results in Kenya, brought to light the depth of deceit that British Petroleum, and other companies have stooped to, and played a significant role in the rewriting of journalistic integrity and protection laws in Iceland; now a haven for investigative journalism.

Julian Assange did not come to earth just to show us what was being done wrong. He came here to show the power-mongers that their greed cannot survive the light of day.

He is also here as a beacon. It is his work, and that of his partners at Wikileaks, that have inspired a surge of investigative journalists, and whistleblowers. And while there are still tyrannies galore to be brought to account, now there is a growing community of people with the courage and the know-how to do something about it.

For over 50 years people have been talking about somehow shedding light on the shenanigans of politicians and big business. That conversation was a wish in the making. Now Julian Assange came to do just that and he brought an informal but highly dedicated army with him.

One of the greatest hindrances to humanity’s growth has been large scale secrecy. We are now living in the pivotal moments of change from which that will no longer be possible.

Do you remember the story called The Mouse That Roared? Julian Assange is not the mouse, he is the roar.

His Soul Contract with the world? To teach us how to shed light on large scale secrecy, to inspire us all to look more carefully at what we are living with and accepting from our governments and large businesses, and to be the pivot-point of change that forever alters the direction of humanity.

To learn more about Soul Contracts, and what yours might look like visit my website at www.curtisfolts.com


About Curtis Folts

I'm a psychic and a medium who specializes in life-purpose work. I'm also afflicted with a non-stop mind and so I have two blogs. When inspired to write about the soul contract a famous person has with their public I'll post on that blog; when I'm enjoying a random thought I'll post it on that blog. The links to my two blogs have to be on this page somewhere. If not email me at curtis@curtisfolts.com and I'll link 'em here.
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One Response to Julian Assange’s Soul Contract with the world

  1. Abby R. says:

    I find that the truth is large and strange. I hope he is able to keep on task, and is not removed by ghosts.

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